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muzio scevola1 Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distressEffect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

Every sorrow or failure it turns him into auto-punishment (illnesses of every kind)

Co-act to espiation ruins our live

“It is said that in 508 BC, during the siege of Rome by the Etruscans controlled by Porsenna, just as the city began to run short of provisions, a young Roman aristocrat, Muzio Cordo, proposed in the Senate to kill the commander of the Etruscans. As soon as he obtained permission, infiltrated enemy lines, thanks to the fact that he was of Etruscan origin and language, and armed with a knife, reached the camp of Porsena, who was distributing the pay of the soldiers. Muzio expected to remain just that his target and then stabbed him. But wrong person: the scribe had in fact murdered the Etruscan Lucumone. Soon he was captured by the guards of the master, and brought before Porsena, the young Roman did not hesitate to say: “I wanted to kill you. My hand was wrong and now for this unforgivable mistake punish. “So he put his right hand in a brazier where the fire burned the sacrifices and not removed until it was completely consumed. From that day the brave noble Roman would have taken the name of Muzio Scevola (the left-handed)”. (From Wikipedia) 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

Disease, suffering, self-sabotage and discomfort typically caused by an innate need for atonement: I was wrong and I have to pay! It is an unconscious or instinctive compulsion! 

Freud had already spoken of the death instinct as opposed to that of life, and was right considering that there is also a slow death, or a life of poverty, hardship and pain. 

Fundamental importance to the need (or personal meaning) is opposed, inexorably, the need for atonement caused by the feeling of worthlessness! 

A pregnancy at risk, a diagnosable disease and cancer are often forms of atonement: it is something that we torture the soul and of which we are not fully aware, the source of the malaise. 

Even the everyday sense of dissatisfaction, anger inward, the discomfort we feel in seeing certain people, black humor, the ups and downs of life and the complaints stem from the fact that the “inner child” feels insulted, neglected or powerless: more precisely, does not feel important! 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

When the results we condemn and we cannot feel proud of ourselves, we are sad and distressed! 

When we are not on a pedestal we feel depressed, but instead assume our responsibility and roll up our sleeves, we self-punish!

We do exactly the opposite of what should be done to uplift the lot because we are under the hypnotic effect of the right hemisphere dominant, and we behave in irrational ways. 

When we suffer a critique, a reproach, any displeasure, when something goes wrong, under the influence of negative emotions our bodies instinctively feels the need to punish herself! 

The rational mind, because of the feeling of powerlessness and futility we feel in unpleasant circumstances, is anesthetized in a more or less remarkable, and we lose mental clarity.

We are thus at the mercy of unconscious feelings, and clicks the relentless compulsive need for self-flagellation. 

In every human being, albeit a matter of degree, lies a Muzio Scevola! 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

Just after having drafted the first part of this article, I had a chat with a widow’s sister, an aunt who had gone to visit.

The two women were on the phone and I bothered to greet the other end, and knowing that was not well, I asked: How are you?

She was only waiting to blow off steam: “When I am before God to ask him why he gets angry with me, took me so soon my husband, grabbed a child at a very early age, gave me a rebellious nephew and my daughter is continuously abused by her husband, and now we also wanted the problem to the heart!

The Creator I must say that I have done wrong, how I have offended, where I went wrong!

I answered with conviction that she had nothing wrong, that we should not judge in hindsight because at the moment in which we believe the best thing to do for us.

We do not make mistakes nothing, we only experience. We cannot judge the experience of today what we did a year ago, two years ago, many years ago. In hindsight, we always end up blame. 

I told het she had stop feeling guilty, believing they have committed some errors, which had to stop blaming God and accept the fact that life is made not only joy but also sorrow. 

I wanted to say that if we accuse God or the people of our troubles, rather than assume our responsibilities, we get into trouble after another in a seemingly inexplicable. 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

And that’s what I want to reiterate to you, dear reader, life is made of pleasures and sorrows, ups and downs, successes and failures!

Joy and sorrow alternate continuously as the good weather and bad weather, even as day and night. 

Humans would never want to make mistakes and do not accept the consequences of their mistakes; and as often wrong, because no one is born learned, we ourselves are the first to criticize and insult when things go wrong: this is one of the main reasons we suffer so much! 

How many times by kids, exhausted from the pain and injustice, we want to die!

The sad memories of the past dissolve the courage and energy by acting as termites eating away at our body through the negative thoughts; while the fear of the future makes us anxious, apprehensive and insecure.

We must live in the present, the here and now, and learn to accept, appreciate and love each other regardless, regaining the respect and or esteem for ourselves and avoiding despise when something bad happens. 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

The same negative events of the past must be revisited and reassessed on the basis of our development and therefore positive and realistic considerations. 

Unfortunately, self-flagellation at the hitch, we get more problems and become pessimistic! mistakenly believing that the negativity is permanent, negative and limiting beliefs we form about ourselves, such as that of being wrong and unworthy, thus entering into the spiral of negative prophecies and condemning themselves to a fate ungrateful.

And instead, we must convince ourselves that often comes right from wrong and good luck that often occurs in the form of bad luck. 

A friend of mine has already been operated on for a couple of times a lung due to pleural effusion which doctors have not identified the cause, and told me that he goes ahead with cortisone.

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

I visited him recently, and I spoke with him for nearly two hours talking about this and that; and when it is open and told me that he had been wronged, if not a betrayal by some members of his association to which he had given everything, I realized that his frustrated desire to pursue a career in the association at the regional level and the consequent sense of nullity or no value, had caused a dull depression that resulted in serious illness. 

Then I asked, knowing this, what he had achieved in the years when he was president, and so, by listing what he had done, was cheered without even realizing it estimated.

At this point I explained to him that it would be healed at all, because now he knew that “water in the lung” was suddenly the wrongs caused by gnawing inside him feeling a void, but there was no reason to get depressed, absolutely nothing to reproach, and indeed should feel satisfied and proud of himself and of having carried out its work, among other things, in concert with the municipal administration, even a monument in the center of a square, and obtained the name of a street (in honor of ‘association)! 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

I told him all fall sooner or later, even the indomitable Berlusconi has fallen!

Should be so wise to get by quietly when appropriate, without malice and without resentment and avoid exacerbating the situation and the enemies …because the very life of men using us to fall. But life holds for us new and unexpected rewards later in life, just as has happened to Mr. Giorgio Napolitano unexpectedly became President of the Republic and proved, by virtue of the wisdom of his high sense of responsibility, his frank objectivity and consistency the best president ever. 

The resentment has enormous destructive power, is probably the real cause of cancer because it is apparently directed against the enemy, when in fact it is precisely directed against ourselves destroying the liver and the body weakening the immune system! 

After that I explained to him the two most important secrets of life: everything, every event, every situation has always advantages and disadvantages, or as it is wont to say, every coin has always two sides, and similarly, each of us has both advantages that defects. 

Each person has strengths and weaknesses. Yet, when we fall in love we only see the virtues of the beloved, to the point that if the parents are trying to hinder the relationship, we fall in love even more: the infatuation is irrational and literally erases the flaws of the partners! But then after marriage, as if by magic the merits of the partner disappear and we see only the flaws! 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

To get more love and harmony with your partner, but also with friends and acquaintances, we must focus on their merits and not on their defects, or any relationship fails! 

Each coin always has two faces: for example, winter is the other side of summer, the pain is the other side of joy, sorrow is the other face of pleasure, hunger is the other side of the satiety, the failure is the other side of success, aggression is the other side of the kindness and sense of powerlessness is the other side… the feeling of nothingness that consumes us through the atonement and the disease.

Unfortunately, looking at one side of the question, there imbalance and we move away from the mean and wisdom. 

Recently I wrote about a neo piuchepuoi.it father who asked me how to fix his negative thoughts and the fact that neither he nor his wife could sleep at night since he was born their child. Oh yes, unfortunately, the reality is this: even the greatest joy door behind himself some trouble

The changes are a time of growth, but are felt to be painful because we are not yet accustomed to the new and especially because we are not willing to accept the negative side we did not expect at all. 

To heal the discomfort you must accept the “change minds” thinking differently from before.

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

And instead of human beings go on tilt when you see a sorrow in their lives, regret that it has the power to literally erase from the mind all the good things that you might enjoy!

And they start to consider himself unlucky, they believe to be wrong, of not up, do not deserve love, do not deserve success, he deserves no.

And so they begin to self-flagellation entering into the spiral of problems, troubles and pessimism, dissatisfaction, and soon leads inexorably to a bad disease! 

The troubles are deadly: the need to strike to death more important than human beings, to be important, and make us feel a nobody!

This will block the same dynamism and vitality of our cells, in direct proportion to the severity of the sorrow itself, to the point of being carcinogenic…! At a minimum we corrode the soul with the negative thoughts! 

And as Muzio Scevola, punish the hand that has failed the blow on burning brazier! How foolish we are!

Even a person multi-degree vanishes when something goes wrong because it does not recognize that there is a continuous alternation between pain and joy.

When something unpleasant happens to us, which happens to everyone in a more or less frequent, lead in fear as if it were a permanent fact, ignoring the law of alternation, we forget that the sun rises every day and lose the respect and confidence in ourselves falling into depression! 

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

In fact, even getting sick is a normal, because the disease is the reaction of our body that works hard for us to heal.

And the sorrows and the resulting negative thoughts are also useful symptoms, diseases such as: are the messages that we send our unconscious that would protect us asking for help to the rational mind, though it was not always able to understand!

Thus, the symptoms that should save us, not including time, or misinterpreted, us ill end up turning against us. 

And ‘this is the cause of the need for atonement, cancer, anxiety existential: humanity does not have a cerebral cortex to the occasion! Too many things we do not know! 

As I write the back cover of my book “If you want to launch unlocked-Se vuoi sbloccarti lanciati!”: Our biggest mistake is to love us only when things go well.

Effect Muzio Scevola and existential distress

And we must never stop acceptance, approval and love, even when things go wrong, because our instinctive self (or Inner Child) is thirsty for kisses, caresses, smiles and attention.

And when everything is denied, even for a short time, we act -now add- Muzio Scevola-like: we become irrational, that is stupid kicking and punching objects, or persons, or blaspheme, and we cry like crazy, and then succeed we take with ourselves, we self-flagellation and enter into a spiral of dissatisfaction, depression, and corrosion. 

“The effect Muzio Scevolacompulsion is the most irrational, dangerous and sometimes tragic humanity!

It is not necessary to arrive at a final gesture to ruin his life; enough also to have only the intention to hurt, and multiply their woes! 

From its most tragic as suicide, softer ones such as complaints every day, seemingly innocuous, the effect Muzio Scevola is always self-destructive and deadly: here is the cause of existential anxiety from which we can liberate ourselves only through the balance awareness, the taking of responsibility and experience!

Returning for a moment, my friend, after three days I phoned him to tell him that the pleural effusion is caused by unshed tears.

It would be enough to heal tears pouring down from every sorrow, but adults do not know now crying!